About Digitype

Way back in 2001 a small transcription service, ‘Digitype’, was started. We lengthened the name to ‘Digitype Australasia’ in 2006 to further distinguish ourselves from overseas services and to continue to build a brand that Australian and overseas clientele would recognise and trust.

Back then digital audio files were just starting out and we relied more on files received via tape as well as via our telephone dictation system allowing our clients to dial-in and record their audio on our secure system. From as early as 2003, we have seen a steady increase in the transfer of digital audio files, DSS, MP3, WAV, to name a few, across the internet. With recent upgrades to all of our systems, we present our business today with easy to use, secure software allowing clients to upload audio, add attachments, choose the turnaround/pricing of their transcription, and track the progress of their files from start to finish. With technology ever changing, we ensure our team of typists, editors and management staff evolve with these changes to ensure best practices in providing our services.

My name is Nicole and I started this service with a vision of providing not only a quality service, but a business whereby women (and men) with relevant experience could work from the comfort of their home, around the country, and from overseas, producing highest quality transcripts across a variety of industries. With a client base that reflects our commitment to quality, a number of our clients have been with us for 5, 7 and 10 years or more. This is equally reflected within our typing team with some team members having been with us for up to 10 years. We believe in establishing a great rapport with all of our typists to ensure they stay with us for the long term hence providing our clients with consistency they can trust. Although our team and our clients are ‘virtual’, we believe developing a rapport with everyone is key to a successful business.


When it comes to my experience, this is where we really distinguish ourselves from the rest! Having started my career in legal in 1991, my experience is across a diverse area of the law where in the beginning I commenced as a junior legal secretary with small law firms working in personal injury, conveyancing, family law and wills and probate with progression to senior legal secretary with larger firms in the city in corporate and commercial, property, building and construction, criminal defence, and many years in plaintiff personal injury including MVA, workers’ compensation, common law industrial, along with medical negligence and defendant and plaintiff dust diseases where I worked as a paralegal. For a number of years I would often work with more than one firm at a time; during the day as a legal secretary and then at night as a legal word processor. You would be hard pressed to find a more qualified and dedicated provider of legal transcription.


In terms of Digitype Australasia’s experience, we have worked with lawyers, law firms, barristers, Australian Courts and Tribunals, medico-legal practitioners, market research companies, universities, building inspection services, to name a few, to provide transcription services. Pre-GFC, we were one of the only Australian based international providers of Court transcripts to the Birmingham Courts along with major international events via one of Europe’s largest transcription and language interpreting services, having made it through their rigorous hiring and training process. In more recent years we have built a reputation in excellence with some of Australia’s premier medico-legal providers with many practitioners also choosing us to provide their private practice reporting. We have also been working with some of Australia’s largest market research companies for eight years or more and continue to excel in this area. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service you can find.

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