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Corporate Event Transcription Services


Corporate event transcripts are our forte, and quite frankly, we love the excitement of working on live events to deliver transcripts within a short timeframe.

The run-up to a corporate event can be busy to say the least. By working with Digitype Australasia, we free up your time to focus on the finer points of the event, while we take care of the transcription component.


Digitype Australasia Pty Ltd offers event transcription services with our technician recording and providing audio to our talented and dedicated remote professionals via our secure platform, enabling us to provide a fully edited transcript within as little as 2 hours post event.

Digitype Australasia Pty Ltd Corporate Event Transcription Services is trusted by Australia’s banking industry, insurance, telcos, and government departments, to deliver fully edited, high-quality transcripts at government door stops, media announcements, AGMs, and industry forums. 

Contact us today to discuss your next event.

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